Baptism and Chrismation

Baptism is the first Holy Mystery of Initiation.  Through immersion or the pouring of water over a person in the name of the Trinity, God saves his people through this bath of rebirth. Through the Mystery of Baptism, Christians become children of God, "a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation." and become incorporated into the Body of Christ – the Church. Through Baptism, Jesus gives us new life.

Baptism forgives all sin, both the sin of Adam and Eve (the effects of which are sin and death) and also any personal sin we have committed.  Baptism is a new birth.  Just as our mother has given birth to us physically, the Church gives birth to her children spiritually through the Mystery of Baptism. At Baptism, we receive the “robe of glory” that Adam and Eve lost because of their disobedience. We receive God’s life within us as well as His unconditional love.

Chrismation strengthens us in our struggles against sin and temptation, enables us to live as faithful disciples of the Lord, and sets us apart as sacred vessels for the presence of the Holy Spirit. Just as athletes were anointed with oil before a race, the sick were anointed with healing oil, or in times past people were anointed with oil when they bathed, the Church anoints her new members at this spiritual bath of new birth.

Chrismation is an anointing with an oil perfumed with aromatic spices and herbs.  This oil is called Chrism or Myron and is consecrated by the Patriarch or Bishop during Passion Week at the conclusion of Great Lent.  Chrism was used in times past to anoint prophets, kings, and priests.  This sacred oil set these persons apart for a special purpose – to prophecy, to lead, and to offer sacrifice.  In the Mystery of Chrismation, we are also set apart for a sacred purpose – to offer worship to the Lord God.

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