Wake Services



Wake Services may be held in the church on weekdays (Monday-Friday) during the evening. Viewing may be scheduled until 7:00PM.
If an Incense Service is desired it will be celebrated fifteen (15) minutes prior to the end of the viewing period.

The church is unavailable for wake services during weekends, civil holidays, Holy Days of Obligation, or during Passion Week (the period from Hosanna Sunday to Easter).


The scheduling of the wake service is to be made in consultation with the pastor.



Setup for the wake service is normally to be held immediately prior to the viewing period.

In exceptional cases setup may be permitted on the previous day. As the church is used for liturgies and other events throughout the week, the same restrictions on availability outlined in the scheduling section apply.



As the church is a sacred space certain practices common at funeral homes are not fitting for a church wake service. Therefore, flowers and an image of the deceased are permitted in the church. Other memorabilia and photo collages are not permitted in the main body of the church, but may be placed in the vestibules.

If music is to be played it should be religious in nature or instrumental. Secular lyrical music is not permitted.

Eulogies, reflections, and other remarks should reflect the sacred character of the church.

Water is permitted for the family but eating or drinking is not permitted.


Restrooms are available in George T. Sfeir Parish Hall. No one is permitted in the altar area or sacristy at any time.


The parish will provide two candles to be lit by the casket along with what is required for the Incense Service.


For any additional questions please contact the priest celebrant or the parish administrative assistant.

Fee Structure

$500 – period of three (3) hours for viewing in the church

$200 – per each additional (1) hour beyond the initial three (3) hours of viewing

$250 – for setup in the church the previous day


$150 – for a wake service immediately preceding Funeral Liturgy

If a family experiences financial hardship please see the pastor for arrangements.